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Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorite Spring Cleaning Products!

Because we all know that a good old "Spring cleaning" never lasts all year... Here's a list of my favorite cleaning products, TRIED AND TRUE, to get you through Spring, Summer, Fall, whatever :) There's no reason to beat around the bush, cleaning can be no fun. Especially when all of it is left to YOU! Although cleaning stinks (literally!), here are some things that will save you time and energy and leave your house looking and smelling fresh!

1. Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner w/Lime & Rust Remover- This stuff will tackle anything! And with very little scrubbing!

2. Febreze 30 hr. candles- My favorites are Apple Spice & Delight, and Winds & Springtime. These candles really do last 30 hrs. and make your whole house smell amazing. I think I would take them over any other candle or warmer anyday.

3. Mr. Clean w/Febreze Multipurpose Cleaner- I use this in a spray bottle for everyday messes and also LOVE pouring a little bit in with super hot water to mop my floors. It cleans like a charm and leaves everything smelling better too :)

4. Mr. Clean w/Febreze Disinfecting Bath Cleaner- This really gets at the soap scum that I HATE!

5. Good old LIME AWAY!- Nothing is better at making handles, sinks, and faucets crystal clear again. I love this stuff.

6. Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner- This is another kitchen cleaner I use for everyday messes that gets the job done.

7. Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface daily sanitizing spray- You can spray this stuff anywhere! This is great for cleaning up any mess because you don't have to worry about spraying something you shouldn't.

8. Pledge Multi Surface- This stuff is awesome! It cleans anything from metal, wood and glass to electronics. I love using it on our tv, dvd player, and computers. Although I still prefer regular pledge on our wood when available... I have used this. It is great at cleaning up dust and dirt, but it lacks the greasy shine of regular pledge :) So I guess it depends what you're going for.

9. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers- Great for getting shoe scuffs and crayon marks off of just about anything.... Need I say more? :)

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