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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome to North Carolina!

Thought I would take a second to update you all on our new adventure to North Carolina :) It has definitely been an adjustment thus far. We have had lots of fun our first month here. To start off, we came from Orem, UT (80k people) to Coats (2k people). There you go :) Not much to do in Coats, so we generally drive atleast 20 min. to get anywhere, including the nearest shopping mall... Walmart. This is probably good for me, seeing as I CAN be a shopaholic :) We have spent countless days indoors due to enormous amounts of rain, spent a couple heavenly days at the beach, and the rest of the time shooing off bugs as we attempt to entertain Allie and Kale in the humidity :) Every time we come inside we check for ticks. Our background goes all the way back into some thick woods, which I have yet to keep Flint away from.... Hoping to spot some deer. Definitely missing a Utah summer. I wouldn't exactly call the weather and bugs enjoyable out here. I hear the other seasons are wonderful, so I am REALLY looking forward to them :) That being said, I couldn't believe how great Topsail Beach was. The water, sand, shells, pelicans, everything was awesome. The kids were literally in heaven. I plan to make as many trips there as we can, especially with it being less than 2 hrs. away.

Our neighborhood is full of animal life. We have spotted frogs, turtles, rabbits, squirrels, and any insect you can think of right in our yard. There ARE some beautiful butterflies that hang out around a few of our trees. Allie has really enjoyed them :) Flint and Allie also have a tadpole farm going out back as well. As for normal Utah pets, we do have a neighbor dog that thinks she lives here. But the kids don't mind :)

Allie starts a ballet/tumbling class next week and is SO excited. Picked up her first ballet slippers yesterday. It has been fun to see her so excited to do something new. The first week, she kept reminding me that she would find new friends :( Luckily she has! Her favorites being a 4 yr. old boy Browan and a girl her age, Andalee. They happen to be from Utah and are in our new ward. Their dad is going to be in med. school at Campbell too.

Our ward is full of little toddlers, which has been great for us. Although Kale has discovered his strength and thoroughly enjoying pulling everyone to the ground by their shirts.... Not exactly pleased about this :) Okay, it was funny the first time. I am not the assistant nursery leader and Flint is in Scouts. We are glad to be getting involved.

Flint began orientation today and starts class Monday. A few nights ago we suddenly became a little overwhelmed. Not sure what it was... probably the booklist that included about 40 BOOKS that needed to be purchased this week. Between that and his CRAZY class schedule, we definitely have our work cut out for us. Let's just say I am finally going to have to learn how to mow the lawn... and everything else manly.

So here's to the next four years!! It should be exciting :) I will try and keep you all posted on our happenings out here in Coats, NC!

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